You might be asking…

“What is Dry Camping”

Coach-2In simple terms, camping while disconnect from any sort of utilities (i.e.; without “Hookups”).

Dry Camping relies “ONLY” on the resources contained ‘onboard your RV’ for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, taking a shower, cooking and sleeping”.

“Glorified roughing it”… so to speak (much better than a tent)


Here’s a list of “Dry Camping” variations, each offers a unique experience, ALL ARE FREE:

Boondocking – Camping in very remote locations, fully enveloped in nature.

Day Camping – Camping in one location, sleeping in another.

Dispersed Camping – Generally camping on wild government managed lands, BLM, NFS, etc.

Glamping – Camping with every possible convenience, generally the most expensive RVs.

Park n’ Bounce – Overnight parking at Casinos, Golf Courses, Lowes, Walmart, etc.


Dry Camping Index

To locate a place to Dry Camp, please visit our resources page (click here).


What’s Right for You?

While we freely admit, Boondocking and Glamping are the preferred options here at SassyRV.

We really like to promote Boondocking as the first goal for those with an RV. Simply put, “Boondocking” that keeps the “Camping” and “Nature” in the lifestyle.

After all, too many people spend too much time, too disconnected from nature. Living with identical Bricks + Sticks boxes caged in electric wire with pretty sidewalks and asphalt roads every where. “Boondocking” is about getting as far away from that stuff as you can.

Of course, as the founders, my wife and I have done all sorts of camping and RVing, dry camping and boondocking. But, having climbed the rungs, we are now mixing “Glamping” with our “Boondocking”.

Still working on a definition, but let’s say it this way…

Your boondocking in remote and beautiful locations.

While you enjoy virtually every convenience…

Remember, it’s 2016 and today’s RVs can be serious mobile condos.

Coach-SJ6-814b-640wMarileen and I are lucky enough to live full time in one such rig (click here) and we are determined to enjoy life to the extreme.

So we are Glamping every time we Boondock or Day Camp, which is pretty much what we do 2-3 weeks a month.

Yeah, we also have a Thousand Trails membership, so we do full hookup camping cheap ($3 a day), whenever we feel the urge.


Other Options

Power Camping – Camping with an electric only hookup.

Wet Camping – Camping with a water hookup only.