About Sassy RV

What is SassyRV?

SassyRV is a family orientated outdoor adventure club. We promote outdoor adventures of all kinds, with or without the use of a Recreational Vehicle.

What is a Recreational Vehicle?

Hotel-Bastendorff-C4This we have to set a standard for since we find some confusion. Currently, different market segments “assume” different definitions.

To settle the confusion on this matter, our minimum definition of an RV is:

“a Vehicle, self-powered or not, in whole or part used for Leisure, Amusement or Pleasurable (i.e. “fun” or “play”) activities.”

Next, to set the context… “Leisure, Amusement and Pleasure” are considered Human Rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So, it’s only natural that we express this right in many diverse ways, often dictated more by culture, location and materials, than shape, size or function.

Commercially produced RVs include motorhomes (class A, B, B+, and C), motor coaches, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, popup trailers, and slide-in pickup campers.

Winchester-Razr-103-MR-600xBut, to be very clear, recreational vehicles used off-road including ATVs, MOHUV, Quads, Sand Buggies, Sand Rails, Snomobiles, UTVs and all forms of bicycles or tricycles or quad cycles.

Likewise, boats, jet skis, catamarans, and other watercraft, hang gliders, and ultralights, even most non-commercial aircraft are all actually RVs.

But there is no limit to this list. Every year new ideas are added for use on land, water, snow and even in the air. So our definition of Recreational Vehicles remains flexible.

Mission Statement

We provide free tools and resources to help you enjoy the great outdoors with as little cost as possible.

Also to develop a membership of like minded individuals, also concerned to protect and preserve the freedom to camp, travel and to enjoy “Leisure, Amusement and Pleasure” activities with the least possible restrictions.

Beach-SignTo give the members a voice to government and private land owners alike. Identify where changes need to be made to protect or improve our freedoms to “Leisure, Amusement and Pleasure”.

To lobby for changes in law, including cheaper and more RV options in city, county, state and federally run PUBLIC PARKS and other PUBLIC LANDS.

Too much land is held in the “Public Trust” by not trusting the public to use it. We must band together to change this.

To setup relationships with farmers, wineries, golf courses, malls and merchants of all kinds and other large land owners, to provide as many free overnight parking solutions as possible. Thereby encouraging low cost recreation options for the health and welfare of the people.

Because it’s important that the cost of recreation NOT become a hinderance to the common right to “Leisure, Amusement and Pleasure” and because without it, society is promoting a work-til-you-drop  mentality.

We simply cannot have both outrageous taxes and $5 fees in our “Public Parks”, dock fees, park entrance fees, RV dump fees, camping fees, fishing fees, hunting fees, bicycle fees and other costs to recreate on “Public Lands”.

Such things are criminal and against the rights and the health of the people. Rules, laws, administrative codes and fees established by the 1%, to limit the “Leisure, Amusement and Pleasure” of the 99%.

We believe that together, we can change these things and make America Great again, by making recreation both affordable and encouraged. Thereby resulting in a more relaxed, healthy, clear-minded, less stressed population.

Core Principles We Promote

To be self-governing and demand member accountability to pack our trash, scoop the poop, curb the noise and actually leave no damage where we play.

Likewise to respect the wishes of those merchants that do not want our business, by spending our money with merchants that make a point to cater to RV users. Providing special parking, special rates, free water for RVs, free dumps and other obvious signs of welcoming us with open arms.

Who Started SassyRV?

Dustin & Marileen Rodgers started SassyRV because they are avid RV users living and playing full time in a Gulfstream Motor Coach on the Oregon Coast (http://8411.SassyRV.com). They enjoy the adventure everyday, boondocking (camping free) several days every month and they want to share the wonder and excitement and also to protect it for the benefit of all.


How You Can Get Involved

SassyRV offers free open membership to anyone with a qualifying RV (see the definition of RVs above) and those that love the great outdoors and hike, camp, fish, etc.

We encourage and even beg you to join if having fun is important to you.

Our members are all about enjoying the fun and protecting it for future generations.

So if your thinking the same thing, then come play with us.

Aloha, Dustin & Marileen